Schematic Diagrams

Schematic Diagrams

Useful schematic and wiring diagrams. ✔ ✔ Enjoy electronic circuits, let your idea comes to hardware

Whistle activated switch using UM3763

Surprisingly much, can turn on – shut down electric devices with a whistle sound. This is simple sound control circuits, that different from a little common circuit is Requires high frequency noise Such as whistle sound etc. The heart of working in this circuit is IC1 (UM3763) that is designed for this particular work. Figure […]

We should use IRF540N HEXFET Power MOSFET

An IRF540N is HEXFET Power MOSFET that I like to use in many projects. It is very Fast Switching than general transistor. When I compare it with a transistors that I like to use is a TIP41. It have IC ( collector current) about 2A and VCE( collector-emitter voltage) about 40V only. The IRF540N is […]

VCO-using schmitt trigger

The oscillator or the frequency generator, By most popular use NE555 or transistors or various gate. The output frequency setting depend on the resistance or capacitance As well as use the crystal control or frequency to the circuit. The frequency generator will see that has Designs commonly used in an electronic circuits, specifically the digital […]

Universal plug for turn on-off soldering iron.

A soldering iron is an important tool of electronic professionals. Normally we always to plug it forever. Even when not in use, so ready to use any time. Because of its low power consumption is only 20 watts. But when the youngest daughter was 2 years old and very naughty. Might be, hold the end […]

Time delay for relay using CD4011

This circuit can be used to time delay for the load, To be connected to the relay output to run after a specified time. Which during this time. Can be adjusted by changing the R1 and / or C1. The current of circuit is limited by type of relay that use. Figure 1 Time delay […]

The speaker protection circuit

Why to have The speaker protection circuit? How do the speaker protection circuit can prevent the speakers? This may be questions understand of somebody, and if you have not yet received a satisfactory answer, here is the answer. For the power amplifier circuit in the new version, usually popular to build by the direct coupling […]

The Our Electronics Projects Tested

Everyone need to build electronic projects certainly work.You do not want to waste time on a circuit that does not work well.It is easy To offer any electronic circuit on the internet.But it is difficult for presenting electronic circuit that really works. We want to have a great experience for your first electronics project. For […]

Infrared receiver by LM1458-CD40103

From This simple projects If you want circuits with special features,can be set the program to the circuit works, when the input pluse signal is entered of 1-256 time, Consider the circuits Infra Red Receiver for larger version as described below. The special infrared receiver circuit. This set can be divided into four main parts […]

The 100 Hz to 10 KHz square wave generator by Phase Lock Loop IC

This is a square wave generator, the other circuit one interesting. The CMOS IC is selected to this job will be Phase Lock Loop IC is CD4046 that has Characteristics the setting circuit as Figure 1. Using the voltage control frequency. The voltage that is derived from pin 9 of IC1 voltage adjustment of VR1. […]

Symmetry harmonic oscillator generator

This circuit is simple harmonic oscillator generator that easy because use three transistors as main components that In this modern era, look old-fashioned, but if you have a device in hand, should be created be used. Highlights of this circuit, not in use of the third harmonic of the crystal or is a symmetric. But […]

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Schematic Diagrams

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