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Long Range FM Transmitter Diagram

Description The power output of many transmitter circuits are very low because no power amplifier stages are incorporated. The transmitter circuit described here has an extra RF power amplifier stage, after the oscillator stage, to raise the power output to 200-250 milliwatts. With a good matching 50-ohm ground plane antenna or multi-element Yagi antenna, this […]

Low Power FM Transmitter Circuit

Description An low power FM Transmitter using an op-amp as the audio preamp and a single transistor as the RF amplifier. Parts List R1 4K7 R4 150K R7 3K9 (2K7) R2 4K7 R5 220R R8 120R (82R) R3 4K7 R6 4K7 All resistors except R8 are at least 0.25W rated. R8 is at least 0.5W […]

Portable FM transmitter

Description A portable FM transmitter that can be used to replace a FM microphone. Notes: This simple transmitter operates from a 9V battery as shown above. I personally built this for a purpose. This is how it happened:- “members of my singing group find it difficult to handle a FM mic in Church. The choir […]

FM Transmitter (Simple) by VA3AVR

There is no thrill like the thrill you get from operating equipment you have built yourself.If you have never built a project from a magazine before, let this be your first–you’ll see how much satisfaction and fun you can have! The FM transmitter is designed run from a 9-volt battery and is made from readily […]

FM Transmitter, #6, up to 1/2 mile range

Parts List:Resistors are 1/4 Watt, 5% R1 = 10K R2 = 86K R3 = 3K3 (3.3K) R4 = 2K2 R5 = 100 ohm Capacitors:C1,C8 = 2N2 (2.2nF), ceramic C2 = 4N7, ceramicC3,C6 = 10pF miniature variable C4,C9 = 100pF, ceramic C5 = 1uF, 25V, electrolytic C7 = 1uF, polyesterSemiconductors: Q1 = BC108, NTE123A, NPN transistorQ2 […]

Miniature FM Transmitter #5

Parts List:All resistors are 1/4 watt 5%R1,R2,R8 = 1K C1 = 1uF/63V, electrolyticR3 = 100KC2,C3 = 10nF, ceramicR4 = 150K C4,C5,C9 = 4.7uF/63V, electrolyticR5,R7 = 10KC6,C12,C13,C14 = 1nF, ceramicR6 = 220 ohm C7,C8,C11 = 5pF, ceramicR9 = 10 ohmC10 = 220uF/63V, electrolyticP1 = 5K trimpot Q1,Q2 = 2N3904 L1 = 3.9uHQ3,Q4 = 7001, NTE123AP L2 […]

Miniature FM Transmitter #4

Parts List: R1,R3 = 100K R2 = 10K R4 = 470 ohmC1,C4 = 470pFC2,C3 = 4.7µF, 16V, electrolyticC5,C6 = 4.7pF C7 = 4-40pF trimmer cap (optional, see text) L1 = 1µHQ1,Q2 = 2N2222, NPN transistorMic = Electret Microphone B1 = 9 Volt, Alkaline battery Notes:Nothing critical here.To get a bit of tuning out of the […]

Miniature FM Transmitter #3

Parts List:R1,R3 = 10K C1,C2 = 0.1uFQ1,Q2 = 2N3904 R2 = 100K C3 = 0.001uF L1 = see text R4 = 4.7K C4 = 10-40pF R5 = 330 ohmC5 = 4.7pF Construction:L1 is 0.1uH, 6 to 8 turns of 22-gauge hookup wire close wound around a 1/4-inch diameter non-conductive core such as a pencil.The default […]

Miniature FM Transmitter #1

Parts ListR1,R4,R6 = 10K C1,C2 = 0.1uFQ1,Q2 = 2N3904 R2 = 1M C3 = 0.01uFL1 = 0.1uHR3 = 100K C4 = 4-40pFR5 = 100 ohmC5 = 4.7pFR7 = 1K ConstructionThis miniature transmitter is easy to construct and it’s transmissions can be picked up on any standard FM radio.It has a range of up to 1/4-mile […]

FM Transmitter diagram

      Description This FM transmitter (FM Tx) is about the simplest and most basic FM Tx it is possible to build and have a useful transmitting range. It is surprisingly powerful despite its small component count and 3V operating voltage. It will easily penetrate over three floors of an apartment building and go […]

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