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18 Watt Audio Amplifier with HA13118


This is a 18W audio amplifier circuit based on power IC HA13118. The supply voltage required for this circuit is 8 – 18V DC, at least 1 to 2 Amps. Maximum output power will only be obtained with a power supply of 18V at greater than 2 A, using a 4 ohm speaker. The power supply should be well filtered to reduce mains hum, a regulated supply will reduce noise even further. Extra filtering is unnecessary if operating from a battery supply.

18 Watt Audio Amplifier with HA13118 circuit


Resistors :R1, R2___________________ 2R2 ohmCapacitors :C1, C2, C4, C5, C6_______ 100uF/16V electrolytic capacitorC3_______________________ 10uF/16V electrolytic capacitorC7, C8, C12______________ 100nFC9_______________________ 2,200uF/25V electrolytic capacitorC10______________________ 1uF/50V electrolytic capacitorC11______________________ 100pFMisc.I.C._____________________ HA13118Heatsink

C10 is the input coupling capacitor and blocks DC from the input. C11 bypasses any RF which may be present at the input. C1 & C2 provide an AC ground for the inverting inputs of the IC. R1/C7 and R2/C8 provide a high frequency load for stability with difficult speakers. C5 and C6 provide “bootstrap” feedback for the IC. C9 and C12 provide power supply filtering. Don’t forget that heatsink is a must for this circuit.

Download 18 Watt Audio Amplifier with HA13118 full explanation HERE
Download HA13118 datasheet

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