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12W FET audio amplifier


12W audio amplifier F.E.T. circuit 300x217 12W FET audio amplifier This is a small 12W power amplifier on a load of 8 Ω, that combining the NE5534 integrated technology with transistors as V-MOSFET output stage get an excellent sound quality. The input sensitivity is 3V rms maximum, the distortion factor is 0.002% at 1 kHz, and frequency response is 15 Hz to 100 kHz. (-3dB).

12W FET audio amplifier  parts list :

R1 33 kΩC1 1nF 63VD1 1N967B zener 18V 0.5WR2 6.8 kΩC2 47 µF 40VD2 1N967B zener 18V 0.5WR3 22 kΩC3 100 nF 63VD3 1N4148R4 100 kΩC4 100 nF 63VD4 1N4148R5 1 kΩC5 47 µF 40VQ1 2SK135R6 330 ΩC6 4.7 pF ceramicQ2 2SJ50R7 1 kΩC7 100 µF 40VIC1 NE5534R8 10 kΩC8 100 µF 40VR9 0.47 Ω 2WR10 0.47 Ω 2WR11 10 kΩ

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