12V Universal Charger for Laptop / Notebook with XL6009 – Schematic Diagrams

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I recently failed to resist buying a compact power module from eBay for almost nothing! As usual, thereafter I leaped into the inside electronics of the module, and really amazed by the hidden magic power of that little board. Yes, a simple but highly useful dc-dc boost converter block, literally, suitable for unlimited practical applications!

At the heart of this improved dc-dc boost converter is IC XL6009, which is a 400KHz 60V 4A Switching Current Boost/Buck-Boost/Inverting DC/DC Converter chip, specially design for portable electronic equipment applications. XL6009 can be configured as either a boost, flyback, SEPIC or inverting converter. The XL6009′s built in N-channel power MOSFT, fixed frequency oscillator, and the current-mode architecture results in stable operation over a wide range of input and output supply voltages. This chip, from XLSEMI, is available in TO263-5L package.

Xl6009 dc buck converter

Xl6009 pin configuration

Xl6009 typical application circuit

Fortunately, well-documented datasheets of XL6009 are available in the web, enough for a good insight. After the walk-through, I revert to my eBay module and drawn the schematic diagram of the module just for an evaluation. Here it is:

Xl6009 module circuit

xl6009 module circuit diagram

According to XL6009 IC datasheet, this module’s output voltage can be calculated using the formula Vout = 1.25x(1+R/1K), where R is the value of the potmeter. Any idea spark? Yes, now it is very easy to output a high-current DC supply voltage near 19VDC, from an input supply voltage of 12 VDC!

The findings shed some light on the fact that, with the help of this module, it’s very easy to build a Universal Laptop/Notebook Charger for in-car applications. As an aftereffect, I build a compact Universal Laptop/Notebook Charger wired around the XL6009 module as shown in the next circuit diagram.

12V universal charger

This charger receives 12VDC supply input from the car battery through the in-dash cigar lighter socket, and gives powerful DC voltage output for energizing the connected laptop/notebook computer. Built-in 0-30V digital voltmeter module (DVM) – another fancy item from eBay – simplifies the output voltage setting task.

Remember to set the output voltage to a default value of 19VDC using the 100K (incircuit value of 50K) potmeter. Finally, attach your own standard/custom laptop/notebook power cable with proper connector (dc power jack) at the output of the universal charger.

Test Result:

  • Input Voltage: DC12V/5A (from lab power supply)
  • Output Voltage: DC 19V (pre-setted)
  • Output Current: 1.5 A (typical)
  • Input Voltage: DC12V/5A (from lab power supply)
  • Output Voltage: DC 15V (pre-setted)
  • Output Current: 2.0 A (typical)

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I think, it is better to add a proper heatsink assembly to the XL 6009 chip, because the output power shoots above 30W in many situations. And, this universal charger is not good for old-age power-hungry portable computers. Anyway, you can use this idea for many other odd applications!


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