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12V Nicad Battery charger 200mA/H


12 V Nicad Battery charger1 300x170 12V Nicad Battery charger 200mA/H

This 12V Nicad Battery charger 200mA/H circuit charges the electric battery at 75 mA until the battery is charged, then it cuts down the current to a trickle rate. It’ll fully recharge a dead nicad battery in 4 hours and the battery can be left in the  Nicad Battery charger for a long time.

Setting the shut-off point, connect a 270 ohm, 2-W resistor across the charge terminals and adjust the pot for 15.5 V across the resistor.

Parts list :R1 : 1KR2 : 68ohmR3 : 2KD1, D3 : 1N752D2 : 1N4001T1 : 2N2219T2 : 2N2222VR1 : 10K

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