12V battery to 5V 1500mA DC converter regulator – Schematic Diagrams

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This is a 5V 1500mA DC regulator circuit. which is simple circuit using IC-7805 to fixed regulator 5 volts and TIP41-NPN power transistor to increase current up to 2A.

Example experiment.
I use the power supply for 12V battery. To reduce constant pressure 5volts. I try to load is 4.7 ohms 5W resistors principles it will use the current estimated 5V/4.7ohms = 1A. I measure current about 0.7A and the voltage drop is 4.9V, but it is still usable. As Figure 1

5V 1500mA DC converter regulator

Figure 1 Testing pure IC-7805 not over 1A current.

But sometimes we want Higher currents. For example I like to use current of 1.5A We need to use a transistor to increase current gain up.

We’ve recommended this feature circuit is 12V to 5V 3A DC converter step down Regulator But some say that the PNP transistor is not popular, want to use a NPN type. Today I recommended this simple circuit.

I use the TIP41 transistor. In principle, it can Supply Current about 2A high enough to use. I like this number because it’s cheap, efficient, reasonable.

As Figure 2 is the circuit diagram, then testing circuit with load 2.4 ohms, measure current approximately 1.3A and voltage drop is 4.9V can be used as we want. As Figure 3

Testing pure IC 7805 not over 1A current

Figure 2 The circuit diagram

Testing with hight current load

Figure 3 Testing with hight current load.

I put a Diode-1N4007 voltage to offset the loss of the transistor between pin BE.

We insert LED1 to indicated power on of this circuit and a series resistor-R1 is used to limits current to a safe value.

C1,C3 is filter capacitors to smooth dc current input and output sequence.
C2,C4 is noise filter spark current.

While Q1 is working it will very hot so we must mounted it with large heatsink.

The component list
IC1___LM7805___5V dc regulator IC
Q1___ TIP41____2A 50V NPN power transistor
C1____1000uF 35V___Electrolytic Capacitor
C3____100uF 25V_______”________”____
C2____0.1uF 50V___Ceramic or mylar capacitors
C4____0.01uF 50V____”____________”_______
D1____1N4007______1A 1000V Diode
LED1____LED any color as you like
R1____820 ohms 0.25W

Heatsink, wires and more etc.

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