1.2-36V 5A Adjustable Power Supply with LM317 – Schematic Diagrams

1.2-36V 5A Adjustable Power Supply with LM317 Schematic Diagrams      Comments Off on 1.2-36V 5A Adjustable Power Supply with LM317

12 36V 5A Adjustable Power Supply with LM317

 1.2-36V 5A Adjustable Power Supply with LM317 

This is very simple 1.2 – 36V adjustable bench power supply with 5A of output current. Max input voltage is 37V and output is adjustable via potentiometer between 1.2 up to 36 volts. TIP147 PNP darlington transistor boosts the current of LM317 from 100mA to 5A. LM317 is the most useful and inexpensive adjustable regulator and for this circuit you can also use LM317L that can give 100mA, that’s enough for transistor bias. D1 and D2 are protection diodes because when you turn the circuit off the output capacitors are discharging and can damage the transistor or regulator.

R1 is 2W and other resistors are 0.25W

R1 is LM317 current limiting resistor and R2 is Q1 bias resistor all capacitors are 50V RV1 is 5k multiturn volume pot.

100nf capacitors are in parallel with electrolytic capacitors to remove high frequency noise because large value electrolytic have large ESR and ESL and can’t remove high frequency noise.

I will design a pcb for this circuit and add to this project.

Q1 needs heatsink and small fan. Maximum output power of adjustable power supply is 125W.

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