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Versatile tone control using IC 741

This tone control circuit. A circuit design feedback tone control. This helps the smooth bass voice circuit and a rate increase – reduction of the signal at 18 dB. The power supply circuit is used from 12-24 volt and Shine Power consumption is 10 mA.
The audio input is entered through the C1 coupling to the input signal to the Q1 growth signal by R1 and R2 divide the voltage. To bias the pin B of Q1 and R3 are limited to flow properly. Q1 is the e-limit circuit fault Peter Low Power Amplifier stand out in E via C2 to the region to adjust the bass – treble. Including C3, C4, C5, C6, R5, R6, R7, R8. The VR1 is adjusted – reduce the growth of low-frequency (BASS) and VR2 is increasing – rate of growth of the frequency High (TREBLE). from the signal that is adapted to go to the leg 2 (inverting amplifier signal to a phase) of IC1 and will expand the output of Pin 6 through a signal output from C8. Which can be connected to amplifier sound at all.

Versatile tone control using IC 741


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