The Using of L297 in Stepper Motor Driving Applications

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Here we provide you with an application note article contain information about the L297 Stepper Motor Controller L297 and L298N driving a Bipolar Stepper Motor with phase currents up to 2A circuit diagram which is typically intended for using with L298N or L293E bridge driver in stepper motor
driving applications. You will be described with the operation of the
L297 integration control circuitry and also figure out how it is used.

will be taken into sections discuss the advantages of L297 + driver
combination, the used with an L298N or L293E bridge driver, stepper motor basic types (unipolar, bipolar and variable reluctance), bipolar permanent magnet stepper motor, drive sequences for a two phase bipolar stepper motor, generating suitable phase sequences for half step, one-phase-on full step and two-phase-on full step operation.

Also, there are circuit diagrams such as the L297 contains translator (phase sequence generator),
a dual PWM chopper and output control logic, the L298N connected to the
first phase of a two-phase bipolar motor, the L297A with a clock pulse
doubler compared with L297, L297 and L298 driving a bipolar stepper motor with up to 2A phase currents (click image to enlarge), and pin function – pin connection for L297 and L297A.

Complete read of The Using of L297 in Stepper Motor Driving Applications can be download in this application datasheet article in pdf filetype (source:

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