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Zener diode

Variable Zener Diode

This circuit acts like a zener diode with a wide range of voltages. The current passing via the voltage divider R1-R2 is substantially greater compared to the transistor base current and is in the region of 8 ma. The stabilizing voltage is adjustable over the range 5-45 V by varying the value of R2. The […]

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Reference Voltage Generator using LM139 Comparators Circuit and Datasheet

The schematic diagram illustrates how to generate voltage reference which will be used in such comparator applications using LM139 – monolithic quad of independently functioning comparators. The circuit uses four independently variable voltages for low current supplies purpose in powering additional tools for generating reference voltage. According to the LM139/LM239/LM339A datasheet, the use of suited […]

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NCP1034 DC to DC Buck Converter Circuit Diagram and Datasheet

NCP1034 known to be high voltage, high power and high efficiency buck converter. A voltage mode PWM controller for a high synchronous buck. According to the datasheet, this buck converter features low output voltage ripple, ceramic capacitors, over current protection, and under voltage protection. The schematic diagram shows NCP1034 demo board which is designed with […]

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