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voltage doubler schematic

12V DC Voltage Doubler Circuit

This is the circuit diagram of DC voltage doubler / DC converter. The circuit will convert 12VDC power supply to become a 24VDC at  and 18VDC. Almost any PNP or NPN power transistors should be work for this circuit. Parts list: C1 and C2: 50μF/25V Q1: TIP 29, TIP120, 2N4922, TIP61, TIP110, or 2N4921 Q2: […]

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Active Voltage Doubler

Here the active voltage doubler schematic diagram: This circuit drives relays of 24 and 18VDC from a 12V power supply. Use this circuit with almost any PNP or NPN power transistor. Components: U1_______: NE555 timer C1,C2____: 50uF/25V Q1_______: TIP29, TIP120, TIP61, TIP110, 2N4922, 2N4921 Q2_______: TIP30, TIP125, TIP62, TIP115, TIP125, 2N4918

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