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VGA to TV Scart

This is a circuit converter from VGA in TV SCART connection. Basically it is a circuit that accepts the signals from the exit of card VGA, him it then changes in combination RGB+composite sync and it leads to fastener SCART. The elements of picture from her exit card VGA, RED, BLUE and GREEN are already […]

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Programmable VGA with 31.5 dB Range

Programmable VGA with 31.5 dB Range The ADL5202 is a digitally controlled, variable gain, wide bandwidth amplifier that provides precise gain control, high output IP3, and low noise figure. The excellent distortion performance and high signal bandwidth make the ADL5202 an excellent gain control device for a variety of receiver applications. The ADL5202 also incorporates […]


DB15 VGA Connector Schematic and Pinout Assignment

The DB15 VGA (Video Graphics Array) connector contains however 15 pins in three rows of 5 pins each. These five pins carry the color and synchronisation signals, also a digital I2C interface for two-way communication between the video controller and monitor. The common 15-pin VGA connector found on most video cards, computer monitors, high definition […]

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