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Tone Control

Pre-Amp + Tone Control with TDA1524A circuit diagram

This is a low noise and distortion pre-amplifier and tone control circuit in one module. Using a special IC TDA1524A, this simple circuit is easy to build and will drive most of power amplifier. Schematic diagram: Component: Resistors: R1, R2__________________ 220R R3, R4__________________ 4K7 R5______________________ 2K2 R6______________________ 1K Capacitors: C1, 2, 7, 8, 17_________ 10 […]

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Stereo Tone Control with LM1036 circuit diagram

This is a stereo audio tone control circuit which build based on IC  LM1036. This circuit will controll bass/treble level tone, volume and balance between right channel and left channel (input 1 and 2 ). You may use this circuit for stereo applications such as car radio, TV and audio systems, mp3 player, dvd player, […]


Hi-Fi Tone Control circuit diagram

This is a cheap high fidelity (hi-fi) tone control circuit. The schematic is one channel (mono) tone control, build the similar circuit will make it become stereo. Use good component (such as metalfilm resistors, MKM capacitors, tantalum capacitors, good cable quality) and stabilized power supply for better sound quality output.The quality of component, cabling and […]

Tone Booster circuit diagram

Below circuit is the tone booster circuit. According to the name of circuit, the purpose is to gain the sound signal to become more powerful in both low and high frequencies. Transistor type: Q1 – ztx384 ; Q2 – BC415pThe circuit’s peaks frequencies is at 5000 Hz for a cleaner and more penetrating sound.Download Tone […]

Basic Tone Control circuit diagram

This is a very basic circuit diagram of 3 band tone control. This circuit was originally intended for home audio use, but should be able to be hacked into an effect circuit with very minor modification. Resistance value of resistor R1 is left up to the user depending on gain needs, R2 is unknown – […]

12V Stereo Tone Control circuit diagram

The following diagram is the circuit diagram of 12V stereo tone control which also available in kit, you may find the kit at electronic part store around your place. The circuit build based on ordinary tone control circuit, using 2 transistors FCS9014 in each channel, so there are will be 4 transistors in this 12v […]

ACTOR : Active Tone Control circuit diagram

The following diagram is the schematic diagram of Active Tone Control circuit, or we often call thic circuit as “ACTOR” Active Tone Control or ACTOR is a electronic audio circuit that serves to increase the Loudness (Bass and Treble audio signal) is active because it uses the Baxandall system. This circuit does not use a […]

Passive tone control circuit

Tone control circuit. This is just another circuit designed by Mr. Seetharaman Subramanian and time it is a high quality passive tone control circuit that has an overall gain of around 25 with 20dB boost and cut. This circuit needs minimum number of components, is very cost effective and most of the components required can […]

Baxandall Tone Control Using Two Transistors

This tone control circuit use very popular Baxandall configuration, a simple circuit configuration that provides boost and cut control in continuous manner. This circuit is very cheap to build, and it’s commonly implemented in commercial product. Here is the circuit’s schematic diagram: The transistors can be substituted by any general audio transistors with small current […]

10-Band Graphic Equalizer Using Gyrator Circuit

Graphic equalizer is a filter which it’s overal frequency response can be adjusted easily by sliding the potentiometer knob, and the potentiometer’s knob positions will naturally mimic the frequency response of the filter, and this is very user friendly. Many methods have been developed by electronic engineers to make audio equalizer, such as Baxandall’s type […]

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