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4-20mA Current Loop Tester

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This design will interest technicians who work on pneumatically operated valves and other 4-20mA current loop controlled devices. Although 4-20mA signal injector/calibrators are available, this one is both cheap to build and easy to operate. When first powered up, the circuit sinks 4mA of current. If switch S1 is pressed,… Read more »

Thyristor Tester

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The circuit in the diagram is a very handy tool for rapidly checking all kinds of thyristor (SCR, triac, …). In case of a triac, all four quadrants are tested, which is done with S3, while in case of a standard thyristor, a positive power supply and trigger current need… Read more »

12/24/48 V D.C. Tester

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The present tester is intended primarily for testing the 24 V electrical circuits found on most pleasure craft. However, if the resistors are given different values, the circuit may, of course, be used for other voltage ranges. For 12 V, the value of the resistors should be 1.2 k?, and… Read more »

Servo Tester Using A 4538

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There are times when a small servo tester for modelling comes in very useful. Everybody who regularly works with servos will know several instances when such a servo tester will come in handy. The function of a servo tester is to generate a pulsing signal where the width of the… Read more »

Infra-Red Remote Tester

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This little circuit is invaluable for quick go/no-go testing of just about any remote control transmitting infra-red (IR) light. The tester is battery-powered, built from just a handful of commonly available and inexpensive parts, and fits in a compact enclosure. Schmitt trigger gate IC1f is used as a quasi-analogue amplifier… Read more »

Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD) Tester

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Liquid-crystal displays come in all sorts and sizes, and this applies also to their pinouts. In fact, many of these displays cannot be used properly without the manufacturers’ documentation. But, of course, this can never be found when it is needed, and a small tester to unravel the terminals may,… Read more »

Lamp & Fuse Tester

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Why a lamp tester or fuse tester? Testing cables, wires, lamps… belongs to a repair job and sometimes this becomes too cumbersome since one has only two hands and too often, one has to hold the part being tester and the two probes of an ordinary continuity tester all at… Read more »