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TDA2005 amplifier

20W Stereo Audio Amplifier based TDA2005

This amplifier circuit is 20W stereo power audio Amplifier built based on TDA2005. Use power supply with current output at 2A minimum for best audio output. Lacking the power supply current will affect to the bass (low frequency audio output) performance. Download TDA2005 datasheet Most Wanted Diagrams:skema ampli lengkap ictda2005

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25W Bridge Audio Amplifier with TDA2005

Parts List: R1 = 120K? R2,5,6 = 1K? R3,4 = 12? R7,8= 1? C1,5,7 = 220uF/25V C2,10,11 = 100nF C3,4 = 2.2uF/25V C6,8 = 100uF/25V C9 = 10uF/25V IC1 = LM2005M / TDA2005 This is the 25W bridge audio amplifier built using single power IC TDA2005. Actually, the TDA2005 is a stereo power amplifier chip. […]

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6-10W Stereo Audio Amplifier with IC TDA2005

Here the schematic diagram of 6-10W stereo power audio amplifier: Component list: R1, R9 ________ 1K ohm R2 ____________ 120K ohm R3, R4 ________ 1K2 ohm R5, R6 ________ 33 ohm R7, R8 ________ 1 ohm IC ____________ TDA2005 Pot ___________ 10K ohm stereo C1 C2 __________ 2u2/50V C3 _____________ 10uF/25V C5, C6, C8 _____ […]

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20 Watt Power Amplifier based TDA2005

This 20 Watt Power Amplifier circuit is used as a car audio amplifier. Its main component is 20W Bridge Amplifier For Car Radio TDA2005 IC. This TDA 2005 IC was designed specifically in car audio system for power boosting applications. This IC has a protection against short circuit and overheating. In the above circuit use […]

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