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TDA2003 Datasheet, 10W Power Amplifier for Car Audio System

TDA2003 power amplifier ICs features short circuit and overheat protection and are suitable for use in car audio systems. It also delivers 3.5A of output current and additionally features a thermal shutdown system, according to the datasheet. It is said that it has protection against DC and AC short circuit between all pins and ground. […]

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7 Watt Audio Amplifier with IC TDA2003

This is an amplifier circuit with gain music output power up to 7W. Use IC TDA2003 as main component, this circuit is small but powerful multi purpose amplifier. Download the detail circuit, schematic diagram and component part of this “7 Watt Audio Amplifier with IC TDA2003” in PDF version HERE Most Wanted Diagrams:tda2003 bridgetda2003 schematic

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6-10W Audio Amplifier with IC TDA2002

This is a class AB audio power amplifier circuit which built using a TDA2002 or TDA2003 power amplifier IC module. These are replacements for the original LM383 which is no longer available. It is easy to build and has a minimum of external components. The module has both short circuit protection and thermal protection. It […]

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10 W Power amplifier based TDA2003

This 10 W Power amplifier, is simple to perform, and works with a single power source between 12 V and 18 V. It is based on the use of type TDA2003 integrated amplifier, capable of its own to deliver around 10 W power to the load of 2 ohms and the power supply voltage of […]

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10 W Audio Amplifier based TDA 2003

With only one active integrated circuit TDA 2003 as component this circuit can provide up to 10W of audio power to the load which can be between 2 and 8 ohm. As usual integrated circuit TDA2003, should be placed with which appropriate heat sink to prevent damage to internal components on the temperature of the […]

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10W Amplifier for portable cd players

This 10W Amplifier is ideal to drive medium size speakers and use it for a portable CD player or mp3 player. With only one active component of TDA2003 integrated circuit and a single supply source of 8 to 18 volts, this amplifier circuit can provide up to 10W of power to the load which can […]

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