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Signal Tracer

Audio Signal Injector/Tracer

This testing instrument provide two alternate fuction: signal injector and signal tracer.  This audio signal tracer/injector is very helpful in trouble shooting audio circuits, when you need to test a circuit by injecting a signal and observe the output (by watching the oscilloscope or by hearing the loudspeaker for example), or by tracing some points […]


Audio Signal Injector and Tracer in One Circuit

If you are building or troubleshooting audio circuits, both audio signal injector and audio tracer is important tools. tracing audio signal means tapping a signal at certain point, and check if the signal is exist.  Here is the schematic diagram of the  signal injector/tracer circuit: Tracing an audio signal can be done using an audio […]


2 Transistors Signal Generator For Signal Tracing

Signal tracing is a method to find failure section of electronic circuit. This method is very common in troubleshooting audio electronics, since the tool for injection and monitoring will be very simple and cheap. The tracing method is done by injecting a signal source at one point and monitoring the response at other point, where […]