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Optimised Semiconductor Noise Source

We have already published designs that use a transistor junction operating in Zener breakdown as a noise source. Anyone who has experimented with a reverse-biased transistor knows that the amplitude of the noise voltage generated in this manner is strongly dependent on the supply voltage. The variation between individual transistors is also rather large. An […]

Resistors and Capacitors in Haier HT-2180 Colour Television

The article below provide you with information about the semiconductor mainly resistors and capasitors within Haier  HT-2180 Colour Television. This information are listed in the Haier HT-2180 Colour Television Service Manual. This could be usefull for everyone who wants to repair this type of television or maybe just want to know about the semiconductors within. […]

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Semiconductor Article: All You Need to Know About Power MOSFET

Here we provide you with a semiconductor article regarding the power MOSFET (metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor). This device used in a wide range applications such as SMPS, computer peripherals, automotive, and motor control. You will find a general description about power MOSFETs inside the article. What will be described by the article are […]

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