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scr control circuits

On-off control SCR with logic gate IC

This is an SCR control circuit with digital logic. The behavior of the circuit. The input A to control current for SCR turn ON.The input B will stop the current SCR (OFF). Set the two input signals to a logic “1″ to control, and it asked them to different times. The control SCR to conductors. […]


DC motor controller diagram with SCR and cmos ic

This is speed controller circuit of 12Volt DC motor.You can adjust the speed of rotation of the spindle motor from 5-60 cycles per minute. The work of circuit, The IC1 is nand gate ic type,It accepts the voltage from the bridge diode BD1. But there is no filter to smooth current.The other in the pin […]


Sound SCR Switch by IC 1458 & SCR C106D

This is a sound switch circuits, It will work only if the loud is overdue. Ideal for player cameras Or you can bring to other use, It’s not Fouls, such as: You may also be applied to a Burglar alarm circuit effective, or applied to the alarm clock, when it has sounds high level. It […]

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