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Screenshoot of FreePCB

Screenshoot of FreePCB

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Under The Surface, All Modern Audio Systems are The Same

In today’s marketplace for audio equipment, designers are challenged to satisfy very demanding consumers who expect high quality, multifunction audio products that are cost-competitive and feature-rich. Consumers expect the very best listening experience from any audio format, any source and from both home and mobile audio systems. This places a great deal of pressure on […]

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Do Oscillation Building Circuit by Your Self!

A periodic fluctuation between two things based on changes in energy is the principle of oscillation process. An oscillator is a mechanical or electronic device that works on this principles of oscillation. Oscillators are a basic building block upon which the whole structure of electronics and computers is based. Here you can find an article […]

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The ADXRS300 Datasheet and Application Circuit Diagram

Below is the example of ADXRS300 Application Circuit Diagram where both AVCC and PDD have a separate decoupling capacitor. This device is known as “gyroscope” or a complete (low cost) angular rate sensor that integrated with all of the required electronics. According to the ADXRS300 datasheet, to minimize the noise injected by the charge pump […]

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Kenwood TK-840/940/941 Radio Interface Cable Description and Schematic

The following figure shows you about Kenwood TK-840/940/941 Radio Interface Cable Schematic Diagram. The description of the schematic provides as follow : Item Description Quantity 1 Heat Shrink tube 3/8 1 2 Screw/clip kit 1 3 Molex pin male 9 4 Conn DB15 male 1 5 Cover DB15 1 6 Conn 15 pos molex 1 […]

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Piezoelectric Transformers Design Article and Schematic

If you need to look for a suitable transformer design for non-lead materials, a nonlead Piezoelectric Transformers, you may consider the folowing article that contain various transformer structures description. Piezoelectric transformers are now widely used in applications such as backlight inverters, AC-DC converters, car navigation system, LCDs for small screen devices and etc. In the […]

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Calibration of the AD7711 in Compensating Temperature and Reference Schematic

As described in the previously article about the AD7711, this family of ADCs device are designed specifically for low frequency, high accuracy industrial transducer applications. This device has an on-chip self calibration to compensate for temperature drift and reference inaccuracy. It is known about the possibilities to calibrate the ADC to very high accuracy when […]

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The NE 555 Timer IC Datasheet Applications and Circuit Schematics

NE-555 timer IC was being introduced around May 1971 by the Signetics Corporation, to become known as the NE-555 / SE-555, and was also the very first very mass-produced commercially produced timer IC available at that time. Philips semiconductor was then introduced this 555 timer in mid 1972. Its characteristics for versatility, stability, low cost, […]

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