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Isolated Offline Regulator

Isolated Offline Regulator Linear Technology Corporation announces the LT3798, an isolated flyback controller with single stage active power factor correction (PFC). A power factor of greater than 0.97 is accomplished by actively modulating the input current, eliminating the need for an extra switching power stage and associated components. In addition, no opto-isolator or signal transformer […]

Smart 24V Step-Down Regulator

Smart 24V Step-Down Regulator Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LTC3613, a high frequency controlled on-time synchronous step-down DC/DC converter with differential output voltage sensing and clock synchronization. The controlled on-time, valley current mode architecture enables a very fast transient response by increasing its operating frequency during a transient event, allowing the LTC3613 to recover from […]


2MHz Dual Step-Down Regulator

2MHz Dual Step-Down Regulator Linear Technology announces the H-grade version of the LT3641, a dual channel, current mode step-down switching regulator with power-on reset and a watchdog timer. Its 4V to 42V input voltage range, with 55V transient capability, makes it ideal for load dump and cold crank conditions commonly found in automotive applications, which […]

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Low-Dropout Linear Regulator, High PSRR

Low-Dropout Linear Regulator, High PSRR The TPS7A33 series of linear regulators are negative voltage (–36 V), ultralow-noise (16 µVRMS, 72 dB PSRR) linear regulators capable of sourcing a maximum load of 1 A. The TPS7A33 series include a CMOS logic-level-compatible enable pin (EN) to allow for user-customizable power management schemes. Other features available include built-in […]

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Advance Multi-Output Regulators

Advance Multi-Output Regulators Analog Devices, Inc. is continuing to help industrial, medical and communications equipment designers improve power system performance by reducing board space with the introduction today of the ADP5041 and ADP5040 multi-output regulators. The regulators meet the increasing demand for greater power density by combining a high-efficiency, 3-MHz, 1.2-A buck regulator and two […]


3A Rad-Hard LDO Regulator

3A Rad-Hard LDO Regulator Intersil Corporation has enhanced its power management portfolio with the addition of the ISL75051SRH, a radiation tolerant ultra-low dropout voltage regulator (LDO) that can operate over the full military temperature range of -55C to +125C and is offered in a 18-lead hermetic package. The ISL75051SRH is an SMD-approved single output, ultra-low […]


200mA Low-IQ Regulator

200mA Low-IQ Regulator The TLV707 series (TLV707xx and TLV707xxP) of low-dropout linear regulators (LDOs) are low quiescent current devices with excellent line and load transient performance, and are designed for power-sensitive applications. These devices provide a typical accuracy of 0.5%. All versions have thermal shutdown and overcurrent protection for safety. Furthermore, these devices are stable […]

Low Noise Block Regulators

Low Noise Block Regulators Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. expands their family of Low Noise Block Regulators (LNBRs) designed for satellite receivers in Set Top Boxes and LCD TVs. Allegro’s A8303 is a single channel LNBR that utilizes small ceramic capacitors (instead of electrolytic) within the boost regulator control. The end result is a lower-profile solution that […]


Step-Down Regulator with LDO

Step-Down Regulator with LDO The SC410A is an integrated, synchronous 2A EcoSpeed® step-down regulator. It incorporates Semtech’s advanced, patented adaptive on-time architecture to achieve best-in-class dynamic performance using point-of-load applications. Features Input voltage — 7V to 24V Output voltage — 0.75V to 7.5V Output current — Up to 2A Internal reference — + 1% Small […]

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National LM5118 Basic Buck-Boost Regulator Circuit for Automotive Power Management Solution

A step-down regulator followed by a step-up regulator usually called a buck-boost regulator. The figure show you with the National LM5118 basic buck-boost operation circuit for the automotive power management solution. According to the LM5118 datasheet, Q1 and Q2 are active when it is in the buck-boost mode for the same time interval of each […]

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