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Single Supply Precise Full Wave Rectifier Using CA3140 Op-Amp

The schematic diagram below describe a precise full-wave rectifier circuit. The circuit needs only a single supply, make it suitable for battery operated devices. During the positive cycle of the input, the signal is directly fed through the feedback network to the output, give the transfer function of Vout=R3/(R1+R2+R3). At the positive cycle of the […]

Voltage Multiplier with Diodes and Capacitors

This is a voltage multiplier circuit. This circuit uses a doubler principle to multiply the voltage.  This circuit has some advantages like low current supply, attractive high voltage that is needed for photomultipliers and cathode-ray tubes. Besides that, this circuit is inexpensive. This principle is also used in the Cockroft-Walton accelerator for charged particles the […]


OP90 Single Op Amp Full-Wave Rectifier

A full-wave rectifier circuit that provides the absolute value of input signals up to ±2.5 V even though operated from a single 5 V supply is shown in the schematic diagram  below. The amplifier acts as a unity-gain inverter for negative inputs. The op amp output is forced by positive signal to ground. The 1N914 […]


Six-Phase Rectifier Circuit Diagram

A Six-Phase rectifier is kind a transformer used to produce six alternating electromotive forces which differ in phase by one-sixth of a cycle, and which feed six diodes. When polyphase AC is rectified, the phase-shifted pulses overlap each other to produce a DC output that is much “smoother” (has less AC content) than that produced […]

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Honda GX240 Engine Wiring Diagram

The Honda GX240 Engine features Honda OHV Commercial-grade engine, Horizontal shaft, Electronic ignition/Oil Alert, EPA/CARB compliant, and 2 Year Commercial Warranty. The following Honda GX240 Engine Wiring Diagram shows wiring schematic of the engine parts which consists of charging coil, spark plug, transistorized ignition unit, oil level switch, control box (rectifier, fuse 5 A, oil […]

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1989 Mazda RX-7 Alternator Schematic Diagram

This Alternator Schematic Diagram apply for 1989 Mazda RX-7 13B EGI engine series. The alternator consists of following parts: 1. Bolt, 2. Front bracket assembly, 3. Locknut and washer, 4. Rotor and Fan, 5. Rear bracket assembly, 6. Stator, 7. Brush holder assembly, 8. Rectifier and IC regulator.

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