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PWM Modulator Using Op-Amp

This is a simple PWM modulator circuit. Comparing the message signal to a ramp or triangular waveform is the simplest way to produce a PWM signal. When the input is greater than the triangular waveform (the carrier), the resulting output is high, when the input is less than triangular waveform, the output is low. So, […]

Texas Instrument TL494 Operational Test Circuit Diagram, Waveforms and Datasheet

If you need a power-supply control device which has all the functions of Pulse-Width-Modulation control circuit in a single chip, you may consider the TL494 PWM control circuit. Below we provide you with its Operational Test Circuit Diagram, Waveforms and the datasheet. According to the datasheet, the Texas Instruments TL494 offers the flexibility to tailor […]

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National LM555 Datasheet, Replacement for SE555/NE555 Series and the Connection Diagram

The following LM555 Datasheet consist of informations about a highly stable device for generating accurate time delays or oscillation. As stated in the datasheet, this LM555 is direct replacement for SE555/NE555 since the LM555 has an additional terminals for desireable triggering or resetting. The illustration beside shows the top view of LM555 Connection Diagram which […]

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