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Temperature-Compensated Capacitive Proximity Detector

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This is a circuit of Temperature-Compensated Capacitive Proximity Detector. it will lights the LED when a person approaches the antenna plate. Here is the circuit : The 4-inch-square antenna plate and a 33pF capacitor (C1) in parallel with 15pF (6 inches of coaxial cable at 30pF per foot)  are used… Read more »

Infrared (IR) Proximity (Distance) Sensor

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The photodiode can be used to detect IR reflected from the object. However, IR produced by the ambient conditions also detected by the photodiode. This IR noise must be filtered to prevent false detections. Usually, the LED’s IR signal is modulated with a convenient frequency and then using that modulation… Read more »

Ultrasonic Proximity Detector

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This is ultrasonic proximity detector circuit. This circuit consist of micropower opamp and a pair of matched piezo-ceramic tranducers. It uses a 9V battery as power supply. This circuit uses the radar principle, when the objects or people is nearby it will reflect the transmitter’s steady tone back to the… Read more »