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Low noise pre tone control circuit using NE55532

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This circuit is a pre tone control using NE5532. In a three circuits of preamp tone controls by NE5532 is a very popular. But it has details are not clear. We recommend the low noise pre tone control circuit instead. We use the a NE5532 is heart of circuit. It… Read more »

Very simple preamplifiers using 2N3904

Hi, Friends. Today I get email from Kunal Banerjee, send a preamplifier projects to published for all to see. It is very simple preamplifier circuit using one 2N3904 transistor only. Though very small, but it still have many useful. He say it low noise than normal IC circuits. and extremely… Read more »

Three circuits of preamp tone controls by NE5532

Today, I recommend a good quality preamp tone controls, a total of three circuits. We choose to use the NE5532 is main so interesting IC, because the ultra-low noise properties, it is commonly used in many fine audio. But these circuits are old. I have a circuits of friends. They… Read more »

The super pre tone control project can build by yourself.

I always recommend relatively many circuits or project on the pre tone control. Today we see other interesting project. (Please do not get bored them). we can divide normally type of the tone control are 2 types as following 1. Passsive Tone Control 2. Active Tone Control A stype of… Read more »