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motion sensor

UHF Doppler Motion Detector

The UHF motion detector below operates on the Doppler radar principle. A radial signal is created by the oscillator (Q1). Some of this energy is reflected back to the generator by an object in the radiated field. The reflected signal will have a different frequency because of Doppler shift if the object is moving. Q1 […]

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The Accelerometer LIS302DL Datasheet and Electrical Connection Schematic

Below is the electrical connection schematic of LIS302DL, an MEMS motion sensor 3-axis – ± 2g/± 8g smart digital output “piccolo” accelerometer which capable to measure accelerations of 100Hz or 400 Hz output data rate. LIS302DL can be applied for a variety of applications such Free-fall detection, Motion activated functions, Gaming and virtual reality input […]

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