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motion sensor

One Direction Motion Sensor

This is a one direction motion sensor circuit. This motion sensor circuit is used to detects an object passing in one direction, ignoring an object that going to opposite way. This circuit uses two sensors to identify the movement only  in one direction. The basic principle of this circuit is simple, where one sensor is […]

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UHF Doppler Motion Detector

The UHF motion detector below operates on the Doppler radar principle. A radial signal is created by the oscillator (Q1). Some of this energy is reflected back to the generator by an object in the radiated field. The reflected signal will have a different frequency because of Doppler shift if the object is moving. Q1 […]

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The Accelerometer LIS302DL Datasheet and Electrical Connection Schematic

Below is the electrical connection schematic of LIS302DL, an MEMS motion sensor 3-axis – ± 2g/± 8g smart digital output “piccolo” accelerometer which capable to measure accelerations of 100Hz or 400 Hz output data rate. LIS302DL can be applied for a variety of applications such Free-fall detection, Motion activated functions, Gaming and virtual reality input […]

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