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Mains Indicator

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It is not always immediately obvious whether a power-consuming appliance is switched on or not. Examples are the lamp in the attic or the shed, or electric heating in an awkward place. A nice solution would be to connect an LED directly in series with the appliance, unfortunately you’d better… Read more »

Mains Manager

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Very often we forget to switch off the peripherals like monitor, scanner, and printer while switching off our PC. The problem is that there are separate power switches to turn the peripherals off. Normally, the peripherals are connected to a single of those four-way trailing sockets that are plugged into… Read more »

Mains Pulser

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The pulser is intended to switch the mains voltage on and off at intervals between just under a second and up to 10 minutes. This is useful, for instance, when a mains-operated equipment is to be tested for long periods, or for periodic switching of machinery. Transformer Tr1, the bridge… Read more »

Mains Remote Switch

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This compact design forms a remotely operated switch that receives its control signal via the mains voltage. The switch is operated using the ‘mains remote transmitter’ described elsewhere in this issue. With this transmitter, a switch should be connected between pins 1 and 2 of K1. Depending on the application,… Read more »

Mains Slave Switcher II

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As a guide, a one-inch reed switch with 40 turns reliably switched on with the current flowing through a 150-watt lamp (approx. 625 mA) but larger reeds may require more turns. If the master appliance draws less current (which is unlikely with power tools) more turns will be required. The… Read more »