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0-30V,0-2A adjustable voltage and current regulator

This is the 0-30V,0-2A adjustable voltage and current regulator that developed from the cheap adjustable 0-30V 2A Laboratory DC Power Supply project using LM723 is used widely, for a long time. This project can control the amount of current flow is maximum. We modified the circuit as circuit in Figure 1. Which this circuit, the […]

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DC voltage adjustable power supply 0-50V up to 2A by ua723-2N3055

The Circuit power supply regulator 0-50V 2A by IC LM723 + Transistor 2N3055 & BD140 & A671 is nice Pwer supply, For all electronic user. You can Current control by VR 5K, LED5 For display OVERLOAD. To use transformer 3A, Transistor to Hold Heatsink. To adjust the output voltage< VR1 – 5K (VOLT CONTROL) OUTPUT […]

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0-35V 2A Power supply regulator by IC LM723

The Circuit power supply regulator 0-35V 2A by IC LM723 + Transistor 2N3055 & BD140 & A671. It nice Power supply, For all electronic user, To use transformer 3A, Transistor to Hold Heatsink, To adjust the output voltage VR1 – 1K OUTPUT : 0V to 35V , 2A The power supply variable regulator circuit 0-35V […]

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0-70 Volt 2 Amp DC variable power supply

When you want to adjust the dc power supply circuit voltage up to about 70V. But the “Cheap adjustable 0-30V 2A Laboratory DC Power Supply” project can fine maximum voltage is 30 volt only. We need to add more 40V. You do not look difficult. We can adapt very easily, with the addition of just […]

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0-50V 3A Variable DC power supply

This regulator is circuit that adjust output voltage wide rage between 0-50V, and Also important is the overcurrent protection circuit at 3 Ampere. Which will immediately cut. The voltage regulation circuit because use IC-LM723 ICs will provide better performance. So is suitable as a power supply circuits for various experiments. Since we ever present a […]

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Modify old battery charger into automatic using power SCR and CA723

This is how to modify old Lead-acid battery charger into automatic charger form. To protect battery over charging. We use simple circuit with comparator circuit by CA723 regulator and power SCR cut off current controller. The working principle As Figure 1 is circuit diagram of this project. The charging and stop charging of this circuit […]

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Stabised Current Battery Charger by LM723

Normally battery Charger Circuit, will use the way gives Stabised Current or stable current. For this circuit also the integrated circuit LM723 and electronic parts a few with follow the circuit appraise R1 = 11ohm for fix current at 60mA. We can seek the value R get from R = 700/I and The transistor 2N3055 […]

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Top Linear power supply regulator 5V 5A with 7812 and LM723

The voltage for provide IC1-LM723 get from the increasing the voltage and then filtered to smooth. then, through the control the voltage regulator using 3-pin. This method Is good for power transistors, because we make the output voltage and the before into transistor voltage, both difference as little as possible. without prejudice to the power […]

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Regulated DC power supply variable output 0-60V 1A

This 0-60V variable voltage regulator power supply circuit is designed to supply the output voltage to zero volt, without a transformer with a secondary winding two coils. We can use the well-known IC is LM723. Or if you want to pressure is higher, use a number L146. Although is known less. But enough buy them. […]


Variable Regulator 0-30V 5A by LM723,CA3140,2N3055

This is circuit Variable Regulator power supply,Output voltage 0-30V and Current 5A max. Use IC LM723 is a voltage regulator designed primarily for series regulator applications. By itself, it will supply output currents up to 150 mA I so use Transistor 2N3055 X 2 for Booster current to 5A. IC CA3140 for Control Current and […]

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