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Multitasking Pins

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It’s entirely logical that low-cost miniature microcontrollers have fewer ‘legs’ than their bigger brothers and sisters – some-times too few. The author has given some consideration to how to economise on pins, making them do the work of several. It occurred that one could exploit the high-impedance feature of a… Read more »

Amplifiers and Loudspeakers Protector with IC LM393

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The short circuit proof outputs of amplifiers and speakers, throw some interesting elements, such as the isolation of the speakers from the exit of the amplifier, when is a constant tension presented abandoned or if the heat sink temperature rises excessively, the simultaneous and delayed connecting speakers to the amplifier… Read more »

Protect a Vehicle-Reverse Camera

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The circuit in this Design Idea uses a simple comparator circuit to make a power-on time delay for an automotive rear view camera. Auto manufacturers typically power reverse-view cameras from the reverse-light circuit. In automatic-transmission vehicles, a short power pulse is applied to the camera when you shift through reverse… Read more »

Over and Under voltage protection of electrical appliances

This is an over and under voltage protection to all electrical appliances are safe. We use electronics circuits, high accurate work is fast LM393, AN6780 and more. Which cut off currents with power relay. I’ve presented this way, it is Over & Under Voltage protection circuit. But today, I’d recommend… Read more »

Battery charger indicator based LM393

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Description of battery charger indicator: The circuit above will make your simple battery charger look sophisticated. This circuit is a charging indicator for battery charger. Its used to check whether the battery is charging or not.  Voltage comparator LM393 IC is the heart of this  Battery charger indicator circuit. D1 LED stays lit when there are at least 25 milli-amps of current which flows to the battery. This circuit is designed specifically for 12V battery with a load current of 1A. With a little modifying component values​​, load current and voltage can be changed…. Read more »