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1W Stereo Audio Amplifier with LM386N

This is a 1 watt per channel using two LM386N. This circuit belongs to and the kit is available there or at This circuit only need 10mA current with best voltage supply is 6-12VDC. No heatsink required for normal usage. There are only a few external components, the IC  contains most of the […]

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Max 1W / 8 Ohms Amplifier based on LM386 with Input for Guitar

This 1 watt amp is very easy to built in very small dimensions, working with only single 9V battery, and is based on amplifier IC type LM386, its capable to deliver a power for some hundreds milliwatts to 8 ohms load, while consuming only a few mA at rest. Associated with a small FET input […]

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Low Voltage Bridge Audio Amplifier

Low voltage bridge audio amplifier based on op amp IC LM386 (Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier). Application of this circuit include AM-FM radio amplifiers, Portable tape player amplifiers, intercoms, TV sound systems, Line drivers Ultrasonic drivers, Small servo drivers Power converters. This circuit can be operated by battery power. This Low voltage bridge audio amplifier […]

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