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IC 4011

The CMOS current controlled oscillator circuits (CCO)

We can use a CMOS nand gate or inverter gate and two transistors into the current controlled oscillator circuit (CCO). In Figure 1 use two inverters are connected together as a astable multivibrator circuit. Figure 1 the normal astable multivibrator CCO circuit. If the output of N1 is “0”, and C1 will start be charged […]

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Time delay for relay using CD4011

This circuit can be used to time delay for the load, To be connected to the relay output to run after a specified time. Which during this time. Can be adjusted by changing the R1 and / or C1. The current of circuit is limited by type of relay that use. Figure 1 Time delay […]

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Simple transistor tester circuits

      This is the Transistor tester into the Circuit or PCB. When your project do not works, the tester electronic parts or component be what need very much. Only by measuring transistor I’m tired of having to remove out one by one measuring. It wastes time and makes damage to the PCB. This circuit help make […]

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LED Flasher by IC 4011 circuit

This is simple a led flasher circuit that I would link to suggest you make it.But before you can use transistors,which difficulty when we learn about digital ICs. In particular, IC 4011, which has been very popular. From this circuit :Easy Lamp Flasher by IC 4011 I apply to new stye display with a Single […]


Simple one shot Touch Switch using IC4011

Today we lets to play simple digital circuit. It is an One shot touch switch control. I use IC-4011 digital cmos is base of circuit. It is set form as flip-flops. The Logic “HI” at output when Your finger touch pad and is time delay for 3 second. Which we can determined this pulse time […]

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Simple Tone Generator using inverter logic form.

We use a simple oscillator circuit in very many projects. I like to use a inverter logic gate since it is easy and cheap. But we do not use it directly. Mostly I use IC4011 nand gates since includes for separate four positive logic nand gate on a single silicon chip. Enough for general use […]

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Simple Electronic clock sound using IC4011

The sound of insects such as crickets, cicadas, resulting from flutter briefly. We can use a multivibrator to connects as sound generator circuit to imitate these insects sound. Some electronic clock alarm tone also sounds similar to these insects. As Figure 1 is simple clock alarm sound generator that can assemble on a breadboard right […]

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Morning alarm with sunlight using IC-4011

This is simple circuit that we makes in hobby time or toys for my son but really uses. It will have sound alarm when morning like a normal clock alarm with lighting sensor same clock. We use a IC-4011 CMOS only one and a few components also can generate pulsating tone like a general clock. […]


Morse Buzzer Alarm or Continuity Tester by IC 4011

This circuit uses the integrated circuit CMOS number IC 4011 pretend Square Wave Oscillator , which touch buffer change output (which compose Complementary pair of transistors) for a loudspeaker next by bass keen in the sound can control with potentiometer or 10 K ohm when we wasp the circuit suits power supply as a result […]

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Gate Tone Generator by IC 4011

Simple Sound Alarm Generator using CD4011 This is Music Sound Generator circuit. It is basic and simple circuit. By use integrated circuit digital number CD4011 or MC14011 or TC14011,it be nand gate logic. By three this circuit is giving can the sound about 10watt by use 8ohm loudspeakers and use power supply voltage 12V. Friends […]

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