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IC 4011

Morse Buzzer Alarm or Continuity Tester by IC 4011

This circuit uses the integrated circuit CMOS number IC 4011 pretend Square Wave Oscillator , which touch buffer change output (which compose Complementary pair of transistors) for a loudspeaker next by bass keen in the sound can control with potentiometer or 10 K ohm when we wasp the circuit suits power supply as a result […]

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Tap tempo circuit using ic cd4011

This circuit will have an effect than Tap the rhythm circuit other because the whistle is giddy, which vividly than usual knock. You can also adjust the speed with 10-40 strokes per minute. Operation of the circuit, we will be divided into three main parts of the schedule, the frequency generator, the control and amplify […]


Gate Tone Generator by IC 4011

Here is the tone generator circuit,it is small size. I use IC digital Cmos 4011 quad NAND gate. This will cause another NAND gate to pulse oscillator which will drive another gate to output a 1.3KHz tone. The transistor provides drive for the 8 ohm speaker. The IC 4011 ‘s Input pin 1 for Control […]

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7 Led light running adjust speed by 4017 and 555

The led light running circuit generally can not adjust the speed of running. Cause dull monotony. Resulting in an idea to build this circuit up. This circuit can adjust the speed of the led light as needed. Makes this circuit can be used more versatile. Operation of the circuit is divided into two parts: frequency […]

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simple bounceless switch using CD4049

This be simple bounceless switch circuit, In the character electronic switch a kind is one. That be of good quality tall and low noise convenient for the digital. If switch usual apply to digital circuit like to to get into trouble promise disturb easy. It make the circuit works can make a mistake. This circuit […]

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12V DC Motor Speed Controller by IC 4011

This is circuit 12V DC Motor Speed Controller by IC 4011 cmos nand gate. It is easy circuit and easy to build Low cost too. VR1 for control speed DC motor 12V.

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