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high voltage

10 mA 300V High Voltage Booster Circuit Diagram

The following circuit diagram shows a high voltage booster that produce 10mA output current. It will drive 350V into a 30k load as a positive-output-only circuit. Tubes with higher plate voltage ratings can extend the output capacity to several kilovolts even the circuit resulted in 350V limit. The booster output is fed back to the […]

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300V-10mA (High Voltage) Output Booster Circuit Diagram

The circuit provided below diagrams a high voltage booster and has 10 mA output current. It is called as a positive-output-only circuit that will drive 350V into a 30k load and is almost immune to load shorts and reverse voltages. Though it shown a 350V limit, this output booster circuit can be extended the output […]

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