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Hearing Aid

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Portable and easy to built, Uses 1×3v battery Commercially available hearing aids are quite costly. Here is an inexpensive hearing aid circuit that uses just four transistors and a few passive components. Circuit diagram: Hearing Aid Circuit Diagram Parts R1 = 2.2K R2 = 680K R3 = 3.3k R4 =… Read more »

Smart Sensitive Electronic Hearing Aid

This is the circuit diagram of electronic hearing aid featured with sensitive sound detection and energy saving, so this hearing aid will work in the long term with a 9V batery battery cycle. The common hearing aid circuits consume the battery energy continuously once they are turned on. This smart… Read more »

Cheap Hearing Aid

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Here the cheap hearing aid to help people who have hearing loss. Commercially available assistive hearing devices are quite expensive. This is a cheap hearing aid device circuit which works by using just four transistors and several passive electronic components. On shifting on / off switch S to ‘on’ position,… Read more »