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guitar preamp schematic

Guitar Pre-Amp with JFET 2N5457

Designed by Don Tillman, this guitar pre-amp circuit design is dedicated for people who don’t like op-amps. This circuit is a discrete JFET pre-amp design, use 2N5457 as the main component. It has low noise, low distortion, low feedback, overloads gracefully, is small, etc. Overall gain is 3db (2X) or so. It uses about 1/2 […]

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Guitar pre amplifier based TL071

The Guitar preamp circuit is very simple, using only a single integrated circuit, a type TL071 OP AMP. The title is an exaggeration, given that the gain of the circuit is intentionally low. When we talk about pre-amp, you can expect amplification often great … that is not the case here. The purpose of this […]

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