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Guitar Effect

Tremolo Effect Circuit for Electric Guitar or Other Musical Instruments

Tremolo circuit is a kind of sound effect. We can see this type of effect is applied  in guitar effect pedals.  Tremolo effect is produced if we modulate the amplitude of an audio signal. The shape of modulating signal can vary from square wave, sawtooth, or sine. When we use a square wave, then the […]


Blackbox Sustain, An Audio Effect for Electric Guitar

Sustain effect in electric guitar is similar with compressor effect. The purpose of this effect is to make the note last longer when the string is plucked. The mechanism is actually work by controlling an amplifier gain, where the gain is automatically increased when the note fade out, therefore the note will be sustained to […]

Ibanez Fat Cat Distortion Pedal

Ibanez Fat Cat distortion pedal (Ibanez FC-10 Fat Cat Distortion) is good for blues, rock, pop, alternative, but not for metal. You can hear the fat tone even at maximum overdrive. Here is the circuit schematic diagram. You can see the the first transistor 2SC1815/BC546 is configured as voltage follower, giving a high impedance for […]

Single Supply Octave Shifter: A Frequency Doubler Effect For Electric Guitar

Octave shifting or frequency doubling effect for electric guitar is done by rectifying the original signal, just like AC to DC conversion inside your AC-DC power supply adapter. The circuit for this audio effect is not new, I’ve seen it on many publications. Here I present the circuit’s schematic diagram, but I’ve redesigned the circuit […]

Carlin Fuzz Compressor: Two Guitar Effects in One Box

It’s easier to manage if we put the distortion and the compressor effect in one box. This Carlin fuzz compressor use unique method to give sustain and distortion effect in mixed circuit. Seem that the circuit do the dynamic compression and distortion in a single negative feedback loop. Here is the circuit schematic diagram: The […]

Dynamic Compressor, Self Powered Circuit Design

This dynamic compressor will give about 20dB compression, at very wide input signal range 100 mV to 10 V.  Another advantage of this circuit is that this circuit doesn’t need any power supply, we call it self powered, or more accurately, signal-powered compressor. Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit: A part of the […]

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Fuzz Distortion with Wave Shaper

Based on the squaring property of two back-to-back diodes connected across output and inverting input of the op-amp, IC1B forms a rather straightforward fuzz circuit. The squared output signal coming from IC1B is converted into a triangle-shaped waveform by IC1C and related components. IC1D is wired as a virtual-earth mixer, summing the linear, squared and […]

Guitar Pre-Amplifier

This is simple circuit for Guitar Pre-Amplifier. This circuit has some advantages such as it will work under tough conditions, very simple and has high input impedance. This circuit will not load down electric guitars because of the high input impedance. This circuit can be used to amplify microphones. Here is the circuit: A 9-volt […]


Passive Treble Control for Guitar Pedal

The R1/C1 network makes a low pass filter when the wiper is at the grounded end of the tone pot, and there is a treble cut. The C1 cap bypasses R2 when the wiper is adjusted so that it is at the top end of the pot and it creates a treble boost. The 100k […]

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Big Muff Distortion Pedal Tone Control

Below is a classic tone stack from the Big Muff distortion pedal. Basically, it’s a pair of filters whose output is combined through the 100k mix pot. The 39k/.01 filter attenuates the highs and only passes low frequency. But, the 3900pF/22k filter does the opposite. This filter passes the high frequency and filters out the […]


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