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Fuse Monitor

The idea for this project may have come to me in a flash of inspiration, and its a very simple way to check if a fuse has blown without removing it from its holder. The simplicity of this circuit uses just two components, but with just one resistor and an LED this circuit gives visual […]

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Lamp & Fuse Tester

Why a lamp tester or fuse tester? Testing cables, wires, lamps… belongs to a repair job and sometimes this becomes too cumbersome since one has only two hands and too often, one has to hold the part being tester and the two probes of an ordinary continuity tester all at the same time. This fuse […]

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Isolated Fuse Fail Indicator

This circuit uses standard components and shows a method of indicating the fuse status of mains powered equipment while providing electrical isolation from the mains supply. A standard miniature low power mains transformer (e.g. with an output of around 6 V at 1.5 VA) is used as a ‘sense’ transformer with its primary winding (230 […]

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Mains/Fuse Failure Indicator

The indicator shows when the mains is present at its output by a continuous glow of a neon bulb, La1, and when the fuse is blown by flashing of the neon bulb. When the fuse is intact, capacitor C2 acts as the series resistance for the neon bulb, so that this glows continuously. When the […]

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USB Fuse

Life in the 21st century would be almost unbearable without some of the computer peripherals that PC users now look on as essentials – take for example the USB powered teacup warmer; this device is obviously an invaluable productivity tool for all users but it could prove a little tire some if the extra current […]

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Blown fuse indicator circuit diagram

This blown fuse indicator will work with a wide range of DC supply voltages from 5V to 50V. It illuminates LED1 when the fuse blows. With the fuse intact, Q1 is held off and there is no bias current available for the base of Q2. So the LED is off. When the fuse blows, a […]

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DMM Fuse Protector

Typically the input protection fuse of your DMM will blow in the middle of a demonstration or an exciting phase of your construction work. Spare fuses are always hard to find, and if available take a lot of time to install. This circuit replaces the fuse by a 500 mA current limiter. When resistor R1 […]

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Fuse Saver

This circuit will be particularly useful to those hobbyists who use a ‘breadboard’ to try out ideas and who also use a simple ‘home-made’ DC power supply consisting of a transformer, rectifier, smoothing capacitor and protective fuse, that is, one without over current protection! In this circuit, the detecting element is resistor R6. Under normal […]

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Electronic Fuse Employs A Relay

While many power supplies can be set to limit their output current to a defined level, to protect the circuit they are powering, no such protection is available if you are powering a circuit from a battery. If a fault develops, the circuit can blow before you have a chance to disconnect it. Of course, […]

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2005 Ford Escape Main Fuse Diagram

2005 Ford Escape Main Fuse Diagram 2005 Ford Escape Main Fuse Map Fuse Panel Layout Diagram Parts: transfer case shift control module, battery, serial data signal. ground, breaker, fuse, fusible, diode, ABS diagnostic signal. Most Wanted Diagrams:fuses on electical schematics

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