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RS Flip-Flop Using OP-AMP

This RS flip-flop is op-amp version of classic flip-flop which uses two inverting amplifier. The non-iverting input is floating, and we can assume that the voltage level of this floating pin is between VCC and ground, while the outputs will always be high or low. The high level of the output will be 1-2 volts […]

Non Retrigerable Monostable Multivibrator Using Transistors

The monostable flip flop is a electronic circuits that is used to produce a single pulse each time it is triggered. Sometimes, this circuit called a ‘one shoot’. This circuit is very useful, for example it can used to produce a delay for timing applications or debounce a mechanical switch so that only one rising […]

Single Transistor Blocking Monostable

Below is  a schematic diagram of blocking monostable circuit. The normal state of the transistor is off because the 10 k resistor has been removed. The conduction will be started using a positive pulse at node “a” and the transformer will do the rest. The transistor will again be turned off (by a hefty negative […]


20 kHz Astable Multivibrator with Transistors

Astable multivibrator or oscillator circuit is based on positive feedback. We can design such circuit using op-amp, logic gates, or transistors. Here we can rely on single capacitor capacitor and resistor for the feedback inside op-amp like transistor circuit, which works over wide range of temperature, voltages and transistor gains. The stability is pretty good, […]


Discrete 0.5-300 ms Monostable Multivibrator

Monostable multivibrator circuit produce a fixed pulse-width when the input is triggered.  The input is fed to CR1, which should be an open collector source since the TR1 would short the input to ground during the active state  appear on this circuit’s output.  The output of this circuit is tapped from the collector of TR2. […]


Retriggerable One Shot with 556 IC

Retriggerable one shot/monostable multivibrator circuit is a flip-flop circuit which give active output when an input is present, and hold the state for a predetermined period before turns to inactive state. The difference between retriggerable and non-retriggerable  is that retriggerable circuit gives period extension when the input is retriggered before the output changes to inactive […]

Versatile Discrete Monostable Multivibrator

This is a versatile discrete monostable circuit. This circuit consist of 2N3819 JFET and 2N3704 transistors. This monostable multivibrator circuit  has additional input to enable or inhibit the function at any time without causing output pulse. The input of this circuit accept a standard digital IC voltage levels. Here is the schematic diagram of the […]


Touch Switch Monostable/Timer with 555 IC

A schematic diagram of a touch switch circuit is shown below. This circuit consist of timer, one shoot multivibrator and touch terminal. As timer, this circuit uses 555 timer which is connected to one-shot multivibrator. The touch terminal is used to trigger this circuit. The output of this  circuit can be used to drive a […]

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Direct Coupled Discrete Astable Multivibrator

This flip-flop circuit  is a free running/astable multivibrator one,  with bases and collector of both emitter biased transistor are directly coupled to each other.  Switching action is supported by means of capacitor in each emitter circuit.  This configuration produce a triangle waves at emitters. Since neither transistor can remain permanently cut off, then a free […]


LT1016 – LS74121 Voltage Controlled Pulse Width Generator/ Monostable Multivibrator

Monostable multivibrator poduces a fixed pulse width when receiving a trigger signal on its input. The pulse width of the output is fixed regardless of the input pulse duration/width. In practical application, the width of the output pulse is determined by choosing the right components values for certain application. With this circuit schematic diagram, we […]

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