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Engine Control Module

2006 Pontiac G6 Engine Room Fuse Box Diagram

2006 Pontiac G6 Engine Room Fuse Box Diagram 2006 Pontiac G6 Engine Room Fuse Box Map Fuse Panel Layout Diagram Parts: Transaxle Control Module Battery, Center High-Mounted Stoplamp, Transaxle Control Module Ignition 1, Mass Airflow Sensor, Body Control Module, Starter, Odd Cylinder Injectors/Ignition Coils, Injectors, Even Cylinder Injectors/Ignition Coils, Rear Oxygen Sensors, Daytime Running Lamps, […]

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2007 Toyota Matrix Under Dash Fuse Box Diagram

2007 Toyota Matrix Under Dash Fuse Box Diagram 2007 Toyota Matrix Under Dash Fuse Box Map Fuse Panel Layout Diagram Parts: shift lock control, stereo component amplifier, automatic light control sensor, cruise control, ignition relay, transponder key computer, instrument panel, glass breakage sensor ECU, airbag sensor assembly, voltage inverter, ABS deceleration sensor, daytime running light […]

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1993 Volkswagen VW Eurovan 2.5L Engine Control Module Wiring Diagram

The 1993 VW Eurovan is powered by a 2.5L I5 SOHC 10V FI Engine and equipped with an engine control module that controls fuel injector, ignition timing, idle air control valve, throttle position, cold start injector and coolant temperature sensor. Fuel injection controls the air and fuel mixture that the vehicle uses, and the injection […]

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Toyota Matrix ECM Power Source Circuit

Toyota Matrix ECM Power Source Circuit. When the ignition switch is turned ON, battery positive voltage is applied to the coil which closes the contacts of the E.F.I. relay (Marking: E.F.I.) and supplies power to the terminal +B of the ECM. The 2003 Toyota Matrix ECM Power Source Circuit consists of: instrument panel junction block, […]

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2008 Chevrolet Epica Wiring Diagram Electrical System Schematic

The Chevrolet Epica was designed by Daewoo, GM’s Korean subsidiary. The 2008 Epica comes with 4 different models, the 2.0 LS 4dr, 2.0 VCDi LS 4dr, 2.0 VCDi LT 4dr and 2.0 VCDi LT 4dr Auto. All are powered by a 1,993cc six-cylinder engine which is double overhead chain cam, puts out 141bhp and 195Nm […]

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2005 Daewoo Kalos Wiring Diagram and Electrical System Schematic

The Daewoo Kalos (also known as Chevrolet Aveo) is a subcompact automobile manufactured by GM Daewoo since 2002. It was based on Daewoo platform named T200. The following page (reference: provides detail information regarding the 2005 Daewoo Kalos Wiring Diagram and Electrical System Schematic including: How to read electrical wiring diagram Position of connectors […]

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Typical Toyota Ignition System Schematic and Wiring Diagram – (1994 Celica)

The Typical Toyota Ignition System consists of spark plugs, ECM (engine control module), igniter, ignition coil, cap and rotor, ignition switch, fuse and battery. The electronic ignition system uses the Engine Control Module (ECM) for determining ignition timing (spark advance). The ECM determines ignition timing (spark advance) based on various input signals. Following input signals […]

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1990 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.1L Wiring Diagram for ECM Pin-out and Connectors

The following file (PDF) contains wiring diagram and electrical schematic for 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix V6 3.1L engine control module (ECM), pin-out and connectors. The 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.1L engine control module is designated to manage the engine control system such as adjusts the air/fuel mixture and utilizes a catalytic converter to minimize the […]

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Honda VTR1000 Ignition System Circuit and Wiring Diagram (2000)

The 2000 Honda VTR1000 ignition system consists of ignition switch, engine stop switch, front ignition coil, rear spark plug, battery, main fuse, PGM-FI fuse, converter unit, engine control module (ECM), bank angle sensor relay, rear ignition coil, side stand switch, neutral switch, fuse, ignition pulse generator, and front spark plug. The following diagram shows Honda […]

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Chevrolet Lumina Engine Control Module Electrical Diagram (92)

The following electrical wiring diagram applies for engine control module of Chevrolet Lumina 1992 model year. Here you will find brief illustration of the electrical system and wiring diagram. The chart herein may be used in conjunction with the T-100 Yellow Breakout Box (48921) to obtain voltage present for each circuit listed. Install the BOB […]

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