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The stray magnetic fields meter.

Electronic technology is common. Although it has much useful. But it is a kind of environmental pollution. Which is called “Electomog” or we will called Stray Magnetic fields (SMFs). And, Some experts said that “SMFs” has effect to the human body. The SMFs that is referenced in this project will… Read more »

Crystal oscillator using TTL

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This are simple and cheap crystal oscillator circuit, that we use a few parts comprises a TTL digital number SN7404 (Package contains six inverters), four resistors and a crystal. The tree inverters gate are biased into their linear regions by R1 to R4, and the crystal provides the feedback. Oscillation… Read more »

Simple Signal injector by transistor

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One of my friends is an electronic technician amateur in repairing of television or radio receivers. He said he is made a signal injector circuit to detect the signal in various sectors. For example: in the sector amplifier, when the input signal of this circuit, if the amplifier is good,… Read more »