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TV antenna booster

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Description. The circuit shown here is of a TV antenna booster based on the transistor BF180. The circuit operates in the UHF band and has a gain of 15dB. Capacitors C2,C3 C4 ,C5 and inductors L3, L4 forms a UHF band pass filter. The input signal is fed to the… Read more »

Transistor Amplifier Circuit-12 Watts

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12 Watts Transistor Amplifier Circuit Description. The circuit shown below is not at all expensive as the amplifier contains only an op-amp and four transistors (easily available from your electronics junk box).Here the op-amp used is uA 741 which produces the required gain.The four transistors are wired as complementary Darlington’s… Read more »

Transformerless power supply circuit

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Transformerless power supply Description. Here is a low cost and simple circuit that can be used to power up small electronics devices. The power is directly tapped from the mains via resistor R1.D1 rectifies the voltage and C1 and C2 are used to filter the output.The zener diode D2 keeps… Read more »

Three phase auto changer circuit

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Description. The circuit given here is designed by Mr.Seetharaman V.S (seethasub@hotmail.com) from Chennai. Seetharaman’s comments about the circuit: This circuit is a modification of High & Low voltage cut-off with delay& alarm circuit appeared in Circuits today, which I have tried and found to be quite reliable. You can adopt… Read more »