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Energy Harvesting EEPROM

Energy Harvesting EEPROM The M24LR16E-R device is a dual-interface, electrically erasable programmable memory (EEPROM). It features an I2C interface and can be operated from a VCC power supply. It is also a contactless memory powered by the received carrier electromagnetic wave. The M24LR16E-R is organized as 2048 × 8 bits in the I2C mode and […]


Low Power Cortex-M0 and EEPROM

Low Power Cortex-M0 and EEPROM NXP Semiconductors N.V. (released the LPC1100XL microcontrollers series featuring extra-low power. With the industry’s lowest active power consumption at 110 uA/MHz and reduced deep sleep current below 2µA, the LPC1100XL has set a new benchmark for low-power ARM® Cortex™-M0 microcontrollers. Also today, NXP announced the new LPC11E00 series for space-constrained […]

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LG Flatron Color Monitor Circuit Diagram – L1720B

This circuit diagram apply for LG Flatron Color Monitor L1720B CL-43 chassis. LG Flatron Color Monitor consists of three main parts, the Video Controller Part & Display Data Transmitter , Micom Part and Power Part.   The Video Controller Part & Display Data Transmitter Part  (MST9111) amplifies the level of video signal for the digital […]

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