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dual output power supply

Dual DC power using 2 terminal transformer

There are many ways to build the dual power supply from a transformer that has one secondary coil.This good way as Figure 1 use two bridge diodes. The first section is normally working, others section (D1-D4) will work by AC signal from C1 and C2. To filter DC voltage of out others bridge diode of […]


Step up dc converter 1.2v to +5v/-5v for micro computer

Electrical appliances now applied the nickel cadmium/nickel metal hydride battery of 1.2 volts or alkaline battery only one. the electronic circuit also work…..How to works? Because a micro computer inside need a power supply of 5 volts, but low current. The voltage converter circuit on boost converter model. therefore had been a role, even in […]

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Power Regulator +12V_-12V by 7812 , 7912

Here is circuit Power Regulator +12V_-12V. Use IC -LM7812 for +12V and IC LM7912 for -12V. This is circuit for Preamplifier play nice Music.Detail See in circuit. I plan to show you, with an interesting concept.When I was make pre-amplifier circuit is small. I did not plan on the power supply. It requires low supply […]

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0-60 volt DC variable power supply using LM317&LM337

If you want a power supply that covers most applications. This circuit may be what you’re looking for. The price you deny difficult. With the following features. 1. On signal mode can supply DC voltage between 0 volt and 60 volt 2. Can provide DC dual variable on positive, negative and ground are +/- 0-30 […]

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Supply Splitter with IC 741& TIP41,TIP42

Circuit Supply Splitter with IC 741& TIP41,TIP42 If you must modify a place power supply. usual to dual power supply positive,negative,GND(0V). I introduces to try use. Circuit Supply Splitter with IC 741& TIP41,TIP42. When see the detail in the circuit make output of the circuit is pin GND(0V) the part is pin positive be +V […]

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Dual Output Power Supply +/-53V / 3A based on Transistors

This is the circuit diagram of dual output power supply +/-53V / 3A based on transistors. This circuit has been designed for audio amplifier power supply requires a symmetrical + / -53 V (+ / -56 V maximum). The role of the circuit part presented here is to lower the voltage of both positive and […]

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Dual DC Regulator 15V using C1061 and A761

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Basic Dual DC Power Supply 6V


5VDC to +12V and -12V Isolated dual Switching Regulator with LM2587

This circuit Dc converter step up voltage, For 5VDC to +12V and -12V Isolated dual Switching Regulator by IC LM2587-12V. Voltage supply input 4V to 6V, Output current 0.3A. Detail other see in circuit. Detail IC LM2587 SIMPLE SWITCHER 5A Flyback Regulator The LM2587 series of regulators are monolithic integrated circuits specifically designed for flyback, […]

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Dual Variable Regulator power supply 5-25V by LM7805,LM7905

The top cheap dual variable regulated power supply. It can adjust the dc voltage with +5V to +25V and -5V to -25V at current 1 amp, suited for testing the linear ICs only by op-amp and very easy. Introducing When you want Dual power supply Variable Regulator be simple. I begs for to advise this […]

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