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1997 Lexus SC-400 Fuse Box Diagram

1997 Lexus SC-400 Fuse Box Diagram 1997 Lexus SC-400 Fuse Box Map Fuse Panel Layout Diagram Parts: Starter Relay, magnetic clutch, heater relay, headlight, defogger, dimmer, High current, head. Most Wanted Diagrams:skematik diagram dimerstandard schematic drawing of an dimmable switch

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LED Lighting Dimmers

LED Lighting Dimmers TRIAC-dimmers were originally designed to dim incandescent filament lamps. The elimination of these lamp types increases the need for alternative dimming methods. The use of TRIAC-dimmers in LED-systems causes unwanted flicker, visible to the eye, due to phase modulation. This prevents linear dimming of LEDs down to zero. If existing TRIAC-Dimmers are […]

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Light AC Dimmer 120Watt

This is Light AC Dimmer 120Watt circuit. It can use turn down a light bulb get to 120Watt. By fine decorate the brightness of a light bulb that at , VR1 , while , be usable , Triac hot then should hold Heat sink that have large-sized. May choose 10A 400V sizes all right.

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Dome Lamp Dimmer by LM358

There are times when a little light inside the car would greatly assist one of the passengers but the dome light is too bright for safe driving. The dimmer circuit in fig. 1 may be added to an existing dome light or included with a new passenger spot lamp. Read more original source:

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AC220V Light Dimmer 100W

This circuit has can to turn down a light bulb arrives at 100W. If Triac there is tall temperature should hold Heat Sink or let off the heat. The Diac be diode that perform be formed encourage or Trigger Diode 2 kinds are way or Bidirectional. The VR1 use for fine decorate turning down fire. […]

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High efficiency lantern with flasher and dimmer by LM358

The electronic lantern control circuit (fig. 1) adds high-efficiency dimming and flashing to an existing battery-powered lantern or flashlight or to a custom design. For the car it makes a great lamp for changing a flat tire, back seat reading or emergency engine work. The flasher mode is useful for warning other drivers of your […]

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Halogen Lamp Dimmer With Soft Start

Most dimmers use pulse width modulation (PWM) to control the amount of power that is delivered to the lamp. Those that come bundled with a switch faceplate control the firing angle of a Triac on the 240V mains side. These work fine with resistive loads but may not be suitable for inductive loads such as […]


Automatic Light Dimmer

In many cases, the dimmer presented here may be built into a wall-mounted box containing the light switch. It is intended for use with 240 V incandescent lamps only. When it is fitted, and the light is switched on, the lamp does not come on fully for about 400 ms (which is not noticeable). When […]

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12V Dimmer

A dimmer is quite unusual in a caravan or on a boat. Here we describe how you can make one. So if you would like to be able to adjust the mood when you’re entertaining friends and acquaintances, then this circuit enables you to do so. Designing a dimmer for 12 V is tricky business. […]


12V Speed Controller and Halogen lamps Dimmer

This handy circuit can be used as a speed controller for a 12V motor rated up to 5A (continuous) or as a dimmer for a 12V halogen or standard incandescent lamp rated up to 50W. It varies the power to the load (motor or lamp) using pulse width modulation (PWM) at a pulse frequency of […]


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