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DC to DC Converter

12V to 24V DC Converter Circuit

This is a very simple 12V to 24V DC converter circuit, delivers up to 24V from a 12V supply. It is able to be utilized to run radios, small power of lights, relays, horns and also other 24V equipment from a 12V vehicle having a maximum draw of about 800mA. It could be utilized to […]

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DC to DC Converter 12 Volt to 21 Volt

Below is a schematic diagram of a DC to DC Converter 12 Volt to 21 Volt by using IC TDA2003. This 12 V to 21 V DC to DC Converter can perform nicely at 500mA maximum current. In case the current exceeds 500 milli-amperes, the voltage will drop below 21 Volt. Part list : R1 […]


Stable Power Supply for High Voltage -100V to -1000V

Stable power supply for high voltage power supply for the core of a high voltage of the PWM – Controller TL494, loaded with over 4050 followers on a pair of powerful field-effect transistors, switching the primary winding of step-up transformer (4 + 4 turns – the primary winding, 200 turns – the secondary winding). With […]

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Unipolar to Bipolar DC Converter 30V to ±15V

Maximum input voltage for this circuit is 30 volts . Thus, the output, we get ±15 Volts. current load – 1A . The principle of the converter similar to a compensation voltage. DA1 exemplary chip compares the voltage to the noninverting input with resistor divider R1-R3 with the voltage coming to the inverting input from […]

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Low Power 5V Switching Regulator

This simple switching regulator circuit have 5 V output, the input provide by a 9 V battery. It having 80% efficiency and 50mA output capability. How simple switching Regulator works: While Q1 is actually on, its collector voltage increases, delivering current through the inductor. The output voltage goes up, triggering A1′s(precision op amp LT1013) output to […]

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Regulated DC to DC Converter based L161

The Regulated DC to DC Converter circuit based on Micro Power Quad Comparator L161 IC that have ultra low power consumption. This inverter circuit convert 5 Volt DC to 12 Volt DC 5 mA. This low power dc to dc converter obtained by adding a flyback circuit to a square wave oscillator. Operating -frequency is […]

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DC to DC Converter 5V to 30V

This DC to DC Converter 5V to 30V schematic will convert +5 volt input voltage to +30V voltage. Direct current is converted into an alternating generator, which built on having the characteristic hysteresis inverter with Schmitt trigger and a resonant circuit. At the rectifier output voltage is formed with a doubling of high voltage 50 […]

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24v to 12v converter

As shown, the 24v to 12v converter circuit is nothing more than an integrated adjustable voltage regulator that acts on a group of power transistors in parallel. These transistors can be said to perform heavy duty while the regulator responsible for controlling them. Where 24 v input connector of the battery. 12V connector is the […]

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UC3842 Open Loop Test Circuit and Datasheet

IC UC3842 SMPS controller is designed for Offline and DC to DC converter applications with minimum external components. This IC features Low Start up Current, Maximum Duty Clamp, UVLO With Hysteresis, and Operating Frequency up to 500KHz. The herein schematic shows Open Loop Test Circuit of this UC3842. According to the datasheet, the UC3842 have […]

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500W Push Pull DC to DC Converter Circuit Diagram using UC3642

Figure below shows a 500W Push Pull DC to DC Converter Circuit Diagram using UC3642, UC3706 and UC3901 ICs. In order to produce 5V at up to 100A this Push Pull DC to DC Converter Circuit operates from a standard telecommunication bus. Download details here. Most Wanted Diagrams:tl494 inverter


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