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Digital Transmission Isolator

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Digital transmission isolation is important for keeping the digital noise to reach the analog path, that’s the benefit for noise isolation. For electrical isolation, isolating the signal after digitizing is often easier since digital signal is inherently nonlinear, no need for linear device to transfer.  You can use the following… Read more »

2.5KV Isolated RS232-TTL/CMOS Converter/Driver/Receiver

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The ADM3251E is a transceiver which has a high speed, 2.5 kV fully isolated, single channel RS-232/V.28. This device is operates from a single 5 V power supply. The device is ideally suited for operation in electrically harsh environments or where RS-232 cables are frequently being plugged and unplugged due… Read more »

LM359 1MHz Balanced Line Driver

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Balanced signal consist of two lines that have opposite phases, and should be received with differential input receiver. Balanced signal is employed in many telecommunication techniques to improve transmission system’s noise immunity. Balanced signal is usually transmitted in twisted pair cables. With twisted pair, the noise exposure is expected to… Read more »

LM359 Fast Photodiode Amplifier

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Photo-diode can be used for high speed digital transmission, but you have to provide high speed signal conditioner for that purpose. The amplifier circuit shown in the schematic diagram below satisfy the high-speed requirement. The circuit is based on current mode (Norton) operational amplifier, that’s why the response is faster… Read more »

RS-485 Signal Loss Detection

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The safety shutdown and fault isolation protocol are critical in many telecommunication, industrial, data processing system and industrial. To share data between communication processor or single-board computers, actuator and sensors, the fault detection system uses RS-485. This RS-485 uses two signal wires to detection of valid signal levels that require… Read more »

LTC1045 TTL RS-232 Converter

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A simple way to build a battery-powered RS-232 receiver  circuit is shown on the following schematic diagram. This circuit convert RS232 level to TTL level. Because the 100 KΩ resistor prevents device damage, the input voltage can be driven as much as +- 30V without adverse effects. The LTC1045 draws only… Read more »