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Simple Non-Contact AC Mains Voltage Detector

This is simple non-contact AC mains voltage detector next one circuit that use all transistor as main. Which many friends like this circuit. It use CD4060 as main,some people say that Can not find it. Today I would like to introduce another interesting cycle, because the transistor. It is certainly… Read more »

Daylight sensor switch circuit.

My wife would like to control an Air pump (looked like this projects), to works only daylight hours. To save electricity and help extend the use of the air pump. I so select a light switch controller Because there are less devices and easily build. Which is circuit diagram below:… Read more »

High impedene small amplifer circuit

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This simple circuit was a presented,it can give power output about 1 watt, when connected to a power supply 9 volt. The advantage of this circuit is that it uses a dual darling ton to increase the size as much as of input impedance about 20 Meg ohm. This circuit… Read more »