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Class D amplifier

Class D amplifier circuit

Class D amplifier. Class D amplifier is a type of amplifier where the power devices (MOSFET or transistor) are operated as switches. There will be only two states (ON/OFF) for these switches and no time is wasted for the transition from one stage to another. The working of a class D amplifier is as follows. […]

LM4651-LM4652: 170 Watt Class D Audio Power Amplifier

The combination of class D amplifier controller LM4651and power MOSFET package LM4652 gives compact and robust high efficiency class D power amplifier solution. This circuit is ideal for car booster amplifier, active speaker/subwofer, home theater, or PC’s multimedia sound system.  The maximum efficiency 85% is obtained at 125W power output condition. The total harmonics distortion […]


TDA7482: Single Chip 25 Watt Mono Class-D Audio Power Amplifier

This class-D audio power amplifier is suitable for TV and home stereo set. TDA7882 IC chip provides class-D audio power amplifier solution. Since this chip has only mono channel, you need two pieces of this circuit for stereo application. The power supply voltage is flexible, accept (+-)10V to (+-)25V. This circuit needs a split supply […]


TPA2014D1: Low Voltage Class-D Audio Power Amplifier for Portable Devices

For battery operated devices, this class D amplifier is suitable because its high efficiency (85%) helps extend the battery life. In the internal circuitry, a boost converter  with over 90% efficiency is provided to step-up the voltage supply, and need only one external inductor as the additional component for this function. When driving 8 ohm […]


SA58672 Small Class-D Audio Amplifier for Mobile Device

This is a circuit of SA58672 Small Class-D Audio Amplifier. This circuit is suitable for mobile device. It  has maximum output power of 3.0 W  for a 4ohm load and 1.7W for 8ohm load with power supply of 5V. If we uses 3.6 V power supply, the maximum output power is 900mW with 8ohm load. […]


TDA8929T Class-D Audio Power Amplifier

The following diagram is the circuit diagram of Class-D audio power amplifier which built based on power chip TDA8929T. About TDA8929T: The power IC TDA8929T is the controller of a two-chip set for a high efficiency class-D audio power amplifier system. The system is divided into two chips: TDA8929T; the analog controller chip inside a […]

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Class D Amplifier for ATtiny15L

Recently, the widespread use of amplifiers have high efficiency – 90% or more. The sound signal is converted into a PWM (pulse width modulated), which explains their high efficiency, since the output stage while working in a key mode. Modern designs of such amplifiers – a monolithic chip, integrate processor and powerful output stages. Experiment […]

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