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car audio amplifier

TDA2003 Datasheet, 10W Power Amplifier for Car Audio System

TDA2003 power amplifier ICs features short circuit and overheat protection and are suitable for use in car audio systems. It also delivers 3.5A of output current and additionally features a thermal shutdown system, according to the datasheet. It is said that it has protection against DC and AC short circuit between all pins and ground. […]

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Quad amplifier 40W

This circuit provides a total of four speakers 4 ohms and 40W at 12v powered. It is therefore ideal for use in the car. Total harmonic distortion is rather high, about 10% at full power. But with half the power requirements (20W) is less than 2%. Anyway it is not intended to have a high performance system in the car. With the integrated audio TDA8571J designed for automotive applications, this 40w amplifier circuit can expand the sound of the car radio or connect a portable MP3 player in it. Internally, the chip has eight operational amplifier set on the bridge, allowing each speaker terminal being energized. Dont connect the negative terminal of the mass of the speaker, because they will produce a […]

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Power Amplifier 2x18W with TDA1516Q

In many cars, cassette players use amplifiers that power does not exceed 5W with enough distortion to the limits of power. The problem is solved with the use of external amplifiers will have the opportunity to earn much more power with much less distortion. Given the voltage of the car is +12 V, we have […]

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Car Power Amplifier based TDA1562

Audio amplifier is built with the main component of Philips TDA1562 IC. The TDA1562 is a monolithic integrated 70 W/4 W. Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) class-H high efficiency power amplifier in a 17 lead DIL-bent-SIL plastic power package. Its essence is that to a certain value output (approx. 20 watts) amplifier operates in the mode B. […]

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5.8 W Audio Power Amplifier

This TA7222AP scheme used for audio signal amplifiers. The circuit delivers 5.8 W with power off Control. 8-12V power supply can be used for this circuit ant it is a good idea to use for car audio amplifier, coin-op gaming machines, security systems, etc. 5.8 W Audio Power Amplifier Parts list : R1 : 100K […]

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36 Watt Audio Power Amplifier based on TDA1562Q

The amplifier based on the class H from Philips audio amplifier IC, it can deliver 36W RMS and 70W power music, all from the supply voltage of 13.8V.  This amplifier can provide 36W RMS continuous into 4 ohm load when using a 13.8Vsupply. However, it is able to deliver 70W output power signal (music) in the dynamic condition. As we can see from the drawings and  schematic diagrams, this powerful amplifier uses only few part. As we can see from the schematic drawings and diagrams, this powerful amplifier uses only few part. It is built on a PCB size 104mm x 39mm, but even though its size may be simple, but not with his ability. This amplifier also has excellent noise and distortion. An important components of the circuit is an integrated circuit TDA1562Q ”monolithic integrated Bridge Tied Load (BTL) class H power amplifier with high efficiency.” Form in17-pin package “DIL-bent-SIL” plastic and not only designed for use in car audio amplifier and […]

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30W, 4 channel car amplifier

This 4 channel car amplifier comprises only with a single TDA7386 integrated circuit and a few additional components, four independent amplifier channels to build a true multi-channel audio system. Based on the chip was originally designed for car audio, but this amplifier is also ideal for computers with a sound card as the SoundBlaster Live! […]

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2x22W Car Audio Amplifier Circuit

Above is a schematic diagram of an amplifier which is used in car audio. This circuit uses IC TDA 1558 from Philips. TDA1558 is a monolithic integrated class-B Output power amplifier in 17-lead single-in-line (SIL) plastic package. The device contains 4 x 11 W single-ended or 2 x 22 W BTL amplifiers. Features : · […]

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20w car audio amplifier based TDA 2004

This 20w car audio amplifier circuit described here offers a 20 watt booster that will allow you to realize the power amplifier with which one can increase the power output from the car stereo up to 20 Watts maximum. The input IN is connected to the output of the receiver, U output is connected to the speaker as shown on car audio amplifier scheme. It is very important to ensure that the speaker has no connection tothe chassis (ground) if not, the integrated circuit IC1, a TDA 2004 will soon be damaged. For mounting, carefully follow the implementation of the car audio amplifier scheme for the components. The power supply will keep with 12 volts. […]

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20 Watt Power Amplifier based TDA2005

This 20 Watt Power Amplifier circuit is used as a car audio amplifier. Its main component is 20W Bridge Amplifier For Car Radio TDA2005 IC. This TDA 2005 IC was designed specifically in car audio system for power boosting applications. This IC has a protection against short circuit and overheating. In the above circuit use […]

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