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audio pre amplifier

Simple Audio Pre-Amplifier

This is a simple audio Pre-Amplifier with single transistor 2N3904. This easy circuit provides good gain to weak audio signals such as electret microphone. Use it in front of an RF oscillator to make an RF transmitter that’s very sensitive to sound.

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Simple Audio Booster

This Audio booster circuit is very simple and can be applied to fm tuner or audio pre amplifier. The 2N3392  is a low-noise type transistor in TO-92 case. The transistor can can be replaced by a NTE199 or ECG199. If you wish to use a TUN, cross reference the parameters with one of the units […]

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Guitar Pre-amp Circuit based TL072

This guitar pre amp circuit has a high input impedance unbalanced and two balanced outputs completely independent set to deal high capacitive loads, and can therefore be used with long cables. The guitar pre amp assembly does not really particular comment. The use of a type TL072 integrated circuit for the input stage is explained […]

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